Suspension Training for All Ages!


The principles of TRX Suspension Training bodyweight exercise have existed for hundreds of years.  Ancient Chinese acrobats were the first known masters of gymnastic performance and the concept of bodyweight exercise was performed in the Roman Legions.* 

Randy Hetrick, TRX founder, and his Navy SEAL teammates needed a way to stay in peak condition. But the circumstances of their missions often found the SEALS without traditional fitness equipment and with very limited training space.  Randy invented the Suspension Trainer as the answer to  their problem.  It started as a few lengths of parachute webbing hand stitched together with rubber boat repair tools.*  

TRX is a cornerstone of training programs for professional and serious athletes across the nation.  Whether it's used for treatment, prevention, wellness, fitness or performance training, TRX offers a safe, effective and portable solution for people of all ability levels.* 

In addition to the basic TRX training, Eric has additional course work with TRX for Senior populations.  His major qualification is utilizing TRX for corrective and preventative Sports Medicine applications.